This post will not be technical, so you can skip it, if you don’t care. I participated in Get Noticed! blog contest, which blogging part has ended. The rules were:

  • work on a project using github to maintain repository
  • write twenty posts about project or other technical stuff

I worked on my firsor application. It is a web application in Python/Django which is just a box for interesting urls for my personal use.

The scope I described in Introduction to frisor is mostly done - the chat part isn’t finished, but it wasn’t a must requirement.

Currently my project looks like this (yep, bootstrap!):


It wasn’t an ambitious project on purpose - I wanted to focus mostly on blogging part. On the other side I needed this kind of application. It’s gonna be deployed, but I’ll not tell you where, because it’s for my own use. Security by obscurity!

Anyway it was quite hard to write about two technical posts per week. In the future I want to do it once per week. I like to have my own blog and I want to become part of IT-society.

Anyway I want to share some other participant blogs:

  • - about kernel, linux and other very serious stuff. He has very long blog posts with very high quality. Must read!
  • - about creating application in GO along with learning this language. Nice to read!
  • - in Polish, I liked that content is different than I usually read
  • - really good stuff about Django

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